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Mike's Cards 2.0

An incredible card game suite that includes casino and contemporary games
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Mike's Cards is the game suite you have been searching for . This incredible set contains over 150 great card games which are all so different from each other that you will end up playing all of them. It provides you with casino games like Blackjack, and other contemporary games like Cribbage, kid’s games like Crazy Eights, one pack games like FreeCell and two pack games like Colorado.

This excellent suite allows you to maintain multiple user profiles. It maintains statistics, settings and active game for each player which means that next time you are not going to lose the track while playing. It also allows you to save and load game state in the middle of the play.

This suite provides you with a wide range of features like find window to search for games based on certain word/phrase, full screen mode, preferences to set easy mode, auto play and show all moves, dashboard control, unlimited undo/redo options, undo/redo slider bar control and unique game numbers to call up a particular deal of the cards on demand.

Mike's Cards provides you with beautiful graphics, a slick interface, special effects and customizable graphics and sounds. It also allows you to change the theme of the dashboard and change the back image of cards. Interestingly, you can try this game suite for free.

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  • Compatible with most of the Windows OS, Mac OS and OS X
  • Provides you with beautiful graphics, special effects and large number of options
  • Provides you with 166 great card games which include casino games, kid's games, one pack games and two pack games
  • Allows you to save and load game state in mid gameplay
  • Allows you to maintain multiple user profiles
  • Allows you to view statistics for each game


  • Does not support Linux OS
  • Not a free game
  • Available in one language
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